Simulation for between floor concrete slab

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Foo Chin Peng
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Simulation for between floor concrete slab

Post by Foo Chin Peng » Fri Jan 31, 2020 5:00 pm -1100

Lower floor is air conditioned (colder) but upper floor (warmer & wetter) is not, although both are indoors. Condensation happens on the upper floor and is the floor of interest. Is there a difference if I set indoor as upper or lower floor?
Can I set a fix temperature & RH? Daily temperature fluctuations is approximately +/-3C and RH fluctuation is +/-5%.

I have tried swapping the indoor and outdoor and the water moisture level appears to be different. kindly advise.

Christian Bludau
WUFI SupportTeam IBP
WUFI SupportTeam IBP
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Re: Simulation for between floor concrete slab

Post by Christian Bludau » Sun Feb 02, 2020 8:54 pm -1100

Dear Foo Ching Peng,

in your case please use indoor conditions for both sides. I think you can express your conditions by using the user-defined sine curve.
Which side is up and down does not matter.

Only if you use outdoor climate at the right side you will get differences, as on the left side radiation, wind and rain is taken in account and on the right side only temperature and relative humidity is used.


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