Modelling evaporative cooling of roof

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Modelling evaporative cooling of roof

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I am a university student currently reading for a Master’s degree. As part of my dissertation I am conducting research on traditional flat mortar-roofs which were a popular roofing system in the Mediterranean region (including: Malta, Greece, Palestine) before the advent of concrete. Kindly refer to the attached image which illustrates the typical roof assembly and materials used in such roofs.

I would like to test the hypothesis that:
'Mortar roofs keep buildings cool through night absorption of dew following evaporative cooling in the morning sun'.

I am planning on using WUFI Pro (1D) to model evaporative cooling of the traditional roof assembly and compare the changes in the hygrothermal behaviour of the assembly when the roof’s external finish is intervened upon by the application of waterproofing membrane and/or cement screed.

With reference to material properties, I am currently conducting lab tests to establish the total porosity, water absorption by capillarity, vapour diffusion and sorption properties for materials (a), (b) and (d) (refer to attached image). However, I do not have any measured values related to moisture properties for layer (c) which is a well compacted but 'loose' material.

Would you kindly give me guidance on the following?

1. Is 1D WUFI Pro suitable to model evaporative cooling of such roofs?
2. Tips on how to model evaporative cooling / recommended existing research in the field which I could refer to
3. I would like to select/create a material to rapresent Material (c) ('soft limestone, well graded aggregate with particle sizes ranging from fine up to 3cm)'). Is there a material in the database which is similar to such a layer?

I look forward to your reply,
Many thanks,
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