Unheated internal conditions

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Jacob Grubb
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Unheated internal conditions

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I have an unheated warehouse and want to remove the rain and solar gains from my external conditions and use this for my internal climate. Please could you advise how I can do this in WUFI? Does wufi auomatically stop using the rain and solar radiation when you use a weather file on the internal side?
Sorry if this is a bit basic but i just cant find how to do this. A previous post did say to remove the rain and solar radiation from the internal climate which makes sense but then never explained how to do it.

thanks in advance.
Christian Bludau
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Re: Unheated internal conditions

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Hi Jacob,
for the outside disable radiation (set short wave absorbtivity an long wave emissivity to zero) and rain (set adhering fraction of rain to zero) to only use T and RH.
In WUFI Pro on the inside only T and RH are used from the climate, so no need to change a setting.
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