leakage and condensation on concrete roof

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leakage and condensation on concrete roof

Post by stergiani » Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:56 pm -1100


I'm trying to simulate a slightly insulated concrete roof that has presented condensation.
The roof is insulated with 5 cm insulation on the interior side.
I'm interested in checking the construction on the wooden stud, so I simulate on WUFI Pro membrane-concrete-wood-gypsum board. the interior climate is high-moisture indoor.
I know that the membrane is leaking so I'm adding there a water leakage (either as an amount of driving rain or as load) and I also know that there is high air leakage, so I add an air source at the layer i'm expected the condensation to happen. Isn't this supposed to be the wood?
But despite all the leakages, I do not get condensation. i check the balances on the result file and the numerical part looks okay.
I would expect that i get condensation all over the wood stud and also on the gypsum board, if water keeps accumulating and the air source is distributed in the whole layer. :?
Any ideas or advice?


Christian Bludau
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Re: leakage and condensation on concrete roof

Post by Christian Bludau » Sun Jun 23, 2019 8:15 pm -1100

first you should check you heat transfer coefficients in the boundary conditions. Maybe they are not set right.
It is not easy to help without informations about the settings you used.

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