Condensation behind metal ceiling

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Condensation behind metal ceiling

Post by yihao92 » Wed Sep 01, 2021 5:38 pm -1100


I am running a condensation simulation for a non insulated metal ceiling panel.
I have 2 model with the same air gap thickness, material and boundary condition but with different number of timber ceiling joist modelled.

Model 1- one ceiling joist (condensation was noted at the back of ceiling panel)
Model 2- 2 ceiling joist (no condensation noted)

the metal is subjected to 24 degree constant temp, where the external boundary is singapore tropical climate file.
condensation should happened because the surface temperature is lower than the dew point as model 1.

But i am not sure why condensation not occur when i introduce another timber joist
model 2.PNG
model 2
model 2.PNG (44.44 KiB) Viewed 75 times
model 1.PNG
model 1
model 1.PNG (49.93 KiB) Viewed 75 times

Christian Bludau
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Re: Condensation behind metal ceiling

Post by Christian Bludau » Mon Sep 13, 2021 10:58 pm -1100

Dear yihao92,
please check the values of the water content in WUFI Graph. You two diagrams have different scaling. You also can adapt the colors. Try to do a right click on the legend.

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