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Problem with importing gbXML file in WUFI PLUS

Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2021 5:04 am -1100
by NBehe
First of all thank you for reading my problem.

I'm a student from Belgium using WUFI Plus for his master thesis. So I tried importing houses made on REVIT in WUFI and it worked fine.
The next step for me is to import a building but when I'm importing it, it just will load forever... The gbXML I'm importing is only around 5000 kB so I don't think the size of the file is the problem. I've also tried to run it on a more powerful computer but that's also not working. I've let it load for more then 30 minutes but still not working while it only takes a few seconds when importing a house for example.

Did anyone have a similar issue and know what the problem might be ? Here is the building and the gbXML file I'm using: .

Kind regards