Installing a new DB-Version under Vista and Windows 7

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Monika Eisert
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Installing a new DB-Version under Vista and Windows 7

Post by Monika Eisert » Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:54 pm -1100

I installed a new WUFI-DB-Version on Windows Vista and Windows 7 with new climate locations but I can't see the new climate data.

You install as an administrator but you are working under a user account, for example "testuser". So, when you defined your own material data, Vista copied your user data in the so-called Virtual Store in a user-specific directory:

C:\Users\testuser.<domainname>\AppData\local\VirtualStore\Program Files\IBP-Software\Database

The new climate data instead was installed in the program-directory, for example:

C:\Program Files\IBP-Software\Database

Under Vista working as a user, the data is taken from the Virtual Store. To get your new climate data you have to:

Copy IBP_24.mda from the program-directory (i.e. C:\Program Files\IBP-Software\Database) to the Database-directory in the Virtual Store (see above), then call the DBMaterialPump-Tool in the program-directory (C:\Program Files\IBP-Software\Tools) as an administrator to copy IBP_24.mdb from the Virtual Store back to the program-directory.
After removing the IBP-Software-directory in the Virtual Store (you can also give another name to IBP_24.mdb) the new climate data will be available.

Note: If you haven't got any user-defined material data, using the Material Pump is not necessary. Just remove the IBP-Software-directory in the Virtual Store.
If you are both installing and working as an administrator there are no problems.